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Våra Producenter

All our Manufacturers / Suppliers are handpicked and must all pass our requirements in terms of quality and ideology.

Regardless of the product type, the manufacturing company must be traversed by the following thinking in its business; Environmental responsibility | Ecology | Quality | Health | Sustainability.

The brand shall represent Ecological Thinking, Quality in every detail, genuine environmental interest and products that promote health not only through the selection of raw materials but also through the creation of well-thought-out end products.

Whole grains | Low sugar | Natural sweeteners (non-refined) | Vegan | Gluten free | Bio-compatible



Leaders in organic cleaning and hygiene produkts since the 1970s

The company was started by three dedicated environmentalists and students with the ambition to produce the first environmentally friendly laundry and cleaning preparations in the market. Moreover, the goal was not only to be the first, but also to produce the most bio-compatible products, with the highest standards of quality and efficiency possible.

Almacabio stands for purely vegetable-based, quickly and completely biodegradable products, prepared with highest care for humans and nature, free from animal tests, heavy metals, phosphates, parabens, GMOs and suspected carcinogenic substances.

The products from ALMACABIO are for use by those who care a little more and not only want effective cleaning products but also a clean conscience!

"If nowadays we are a company capable of combining its success with a heartfelt responsibility towards people and the environment, we owe it to our history, that is deeply rooted in one of the most important utopias of the twentieth century."

Almacabio Product Catalog

Biopont is an exciting Hungarian producer of organic foods that we at Ecoworld are happy and proud to have introduced to the Swedish market. Biopont has been active for almost 20 years in its native Hungary and supplies organic products to all major food chains.

With its proximity to the German and Austrian market area, Biopont shares the high sense of quality and tradition, spiced with a great deal of innovative products!

Keep an eye out for the wonderful millet balls which are the perfect, and much healthier, alternative to chips and cheeses when you want a little extra! Did we mention that they're also, naturally gluten-free? Add to that their series of organic Mandala tea, beautiful to look at, wonderful scent and taste, pure organic spice and herbs. Worth trying out!

Biopont Product Catalog

With its roots deep in the late 70's health movement in Italy, La Finestra Sul Cielo has now evolved into a modern and current company with the finger on the trend pulse.

The range is aimed at anyone who wants to be attracted to a life full of organic pleasure. Among their assortment you can find pasta varieties with emphasis on being both certified and naturally gluten-free (rice, corn, buckwheat, lentils) and also some more unusual varieties of whole grain pasta.

All of Finestra's products are certified organic, free of animal ingredients, free of milk products and are never sweetened with plainly refined sugar, but rather sweetened with fruit, malt sugar, syrup or other natural sweeteners. There is also a wide range of organic gluten-free products where taste and ingredients can suit everyone.

"La Finestra sul Cielo has come a long way since 1978, a journey nearly 30 years long, during which we have experienced and learned a lot, grown professionally, worked hard and passionately, always believing strongly in our core values."

La Finestra sul Cielo Produkt Catalog

Kario - Holypop

Mediterranea Foods is a family-owned agricultural and processing company located in Calabria, southern Italy. For several generations, olives and other crops have been cultivated on their fields and now they have branched out into the production of delicacies with olive oil as a common denominator. Lovely flavors in beautiful case!

Principe di Gerace - Organic Extra Virgin olive oil with fruity taste from its own olive groves and organic Mediterranean specialties such as tapenade, artichokepurée, tuna and anchovy in olive oil.

Bioleificio San Francesco - Biodynamic (Demeter) certified Extra Virgin olive oil with sweet and soft taste. San Francesco is the guardian of the olive groves.

”No day should pass in a man’s life without his receiving at least one thought that alters his nature a little, that enables him to develop instead of merely to exist."
-Rudolf Steiner

Papagrin is based on the latest research in nutrition and offers products to anyone who cares about what they eat and are aware of the importance of providing the body with healthy and nutritious food.

The products are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients without chemical additives or preservatives. They do not take shortcuts and use only high-quality raw materials. The full nutritional value is preserved by a careful manufacturing process that never exceeds 42 degrees (Rawfood). Therefore, our products contain 100% of their natural energy, vitality and taste!

We have a goal: Good organic food of the highest quality. Rich in nutrients and containing only natural ingredients.

Organic | Gluten-free | Sugar-free | Rawfood | Vegan

"Our mission is to improve the world and help people live a healthier life by providing them with the highest quality food."